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Discover easy payments With MYFUNDBOX that simplifies your billing process and ensure smooth transactions.  
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Effortless payments with GoCardless.

GoCardless and MYFUNDBOX offer effortless EU payments with a user-friendly interface, including popular methods like SEPA and Direct Debit via Open Banking.
Reducing manual tasks.
Ensure timely transactions.
Automate recurring payments.
reduce chargebacks

Reduce Chargebacks with GoCardless

Through our partnership with GoCardless, businesses confidently initiate transactions as MYFUNDBOX's automated dunning management reduces chargebacks by retrying failed payments.
Intelligent retries.
Automated communication.
Say goodbye to failed payments.

Efficient, Affordable Payment Solution

With cost-effective payment solution, GoCardless as our payment partner, MYFUNDBOX provides a unified platform that simplifies transactions, all within an affordable price range.
Easy billing
Simple payment process.
No training or maintenance needed.
subscription billing

Streamline Subscription Billing 

MYFUNDBOX simplifies subscription billing with seamless invoicing, secure payments, and personalized analytics, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction.
No hidden fees.
Flexible payment options.
Multiple payment gateways.

No more boundaries, receive global payments easily


GoCardless supports 25+ countires globally

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.


GoCardless supports 6+ Currencies across the world

payment method

GoCardless supports 5+ payment methods globally

United Kingdom - Bacs Direct Debit
Eurozone - SEPA Direct Debit
Sweden - Bg Autogiro
Denmark - Betalingsservice
Australia - BECS Direct Debit
New Zealand - BECS Direct Debit
Canada - Pre-Authorized Debit
United States - ACH Debit

MYFUNDBOX is proudly awarded as

myfundbox new G2 award

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  • Create a Free Trial account with MYFUNDBOX
  • Navigate to Manage Subscription Option
  • Choose Regular Advanced plan
  • Apply Promo Code - GC50OFF
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5 Team members

Revenue upto $100,000

30% off - On Monthy Plan

40% off - On Yearly Plan
“I like that Myfundbox is a solution based in Europe! It brings everything you need to deal with subscriptions. It tracks everything smoothly. All the payment gateways are available (especially Stripe and GoCardless for me)"
Rod P.
Formateur / Expert Machine Learning
Transaction Volume Acheived
“MYFUNDBOX is a really nice tool which works perfectly in the EU.  It supports 15+ payment methods, especially for European Countries. It has a lot of payment integrations and the UI looks good and easy to use."
Freelancer - US
Transaction Volume Acheived
“Bill customers with their preferred payment method and support all currency options, GoCardless as payment gateway you can invoice customers in up to 125 countries. Supports more than 15 languages."
Wellness and Fitness, LLC
Transaction Volume Achieved

Features that elevate your business

Boost your Revenue
Experience a great revenue hike for your business with our streamlined and efficient payment processing.
Recurring billing made easy
Automate recurring payments, reduce manual tasks and ensure timely transaction for your business growth.
Automation for Enhancement
Spend less time on payment processing by automating recurring revenue and more on growing your business.
No hidden fee or charges
Our pricing is straightforward and clearly outlined, ensuring that you have full visibility into your subscription costs.
Achieve Scalability Effortlessly
Scale up your business effortlessly, and let us handle the payment processes while you focus on your business expansion.
Real-time insights
Providing you with real-time insights that can effectively transform the way you operate
your business.
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