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Why MYFUNDBOX when I have Stripe?

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Manage all your billing in one place

MYFUNDBOX is a global payment orchestration and subscription billing platform integrated with primary payment gateways like Stripe, gocardless, and mollie.
No hidden fees.
Easy Payment processing.
Multiple payment gateways integration. 
MYFUNDBOX is designed to support businesses in easing their billing and payment woes. It helps businesses manage recurring payments and revenue management operations as well.

Whereas Stripe serves as a payment processing platform enabling businesses to receive payments from customers. It supports various payment methods, including credit cards and debit cards, and facilitates the transfer of funds from a customer's bank account to the business's account.


How MFB works along with Stripe

MYFUNDBOX is a verified partner of Stripe. A customer can process his transactions via MYFUNDBOX after connecting stripe account either be his existing account or creating new. The payment methods that he has activated with Stripe will be available to use with MYFUNDBOX as well.
Safe and secured payments
Automated recurring on-time payments
Hassle free global billing with multiple payment methods

Why MYFUNDBOX when I've Stripe?

While Stripe operates as a standalone payment gateway, MYFUNDBOX offers the flexibility to integrate and utilize multiple payment gateways. This approach helps reduce transaction costs by enabling transactions through alternative payment gateways.

Opting for multiple payment gateways also minimizes the risk of downtime compared to relying solely on a single gateway. Furthermore, the use of multiple gateways results in a substantial decrease in churn, in contrast to the potential drawbacks associated with depending on a single payment gateway.

Cost effectiveness  

MYFUNDBOX stands out for its cost-effectiveness compared to Stripe. With MYFUNDBOX, there are no transaction fees; instead, users only pay a monthly subscription fee of €39, along with the processing fee of the chosen payment gateway, for transaction volumes up to 10k.
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For example, if a Spanish customer uses Stripe via SEPA, the processing fee would be €0.35, plus any additional charges. However, with MYFUNDBOX, customers can select a payment gateway that offers more favourable rates for their region. Take Mollie's SEPA, for instance, where the processing fee is €0.25, plus any additional charges.

MYFUNDBOX stands out in terms of cost efficiency, particularly with its monthly plan priced at €449. This comprehensive plan encompasses various billing features like invoicing, dunning management, EU VAT validation, multi-payment gateways, tax management, custom domain, and open banking – all covered in a single subscription. In contrast, Stripe charges separately for billing, invoicing, payouts, and other modules, along with additional processing fees.

What makes us different?

What sets MYFUNDBOX apart is its transparent pricing model. Unlike Stripe, MYFUNDBOX does not charge per invoice; instead, all these features are included in the nominal monthly fee of €449. This not only makes MYFUNDBOX a cost-effective solution but also saves businesses significant time and effort. Moreover, MYFUNDBOX's adoption of a multi-payment gateway strategy further contributes to lowering overall costs for businesses.

In summary, MYFUNDBOX complements the use of Stripe and other gateways by offering a transparent and cost-effective solution. It allows users to choose their preferred payment gateway and enjoy a comprehensive set of features within a single subscription plan.

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What our clients say?


“I like that Myfundbox is a solution based in Europe! And it brings everything you need to deal with subscriptions. It tracks everything smoothly. And all the payment gateways are available (especially Stripe and GoCardless for me)”

Rod P

Formateur / Expert Machine Learning

“Transactions have been smooth for clients and payouts have been prompt via stripe.”

Peter C

Owner Small-Business

“I have bought this because of the many difficulties one faces when trying to create a global business and also being in the UK. like that it has Pay links, paypal, mollie, stripe, bank transfer. Everything in one place.”

Inez G

Founder - Alpha Creatives

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Multi Payment Gateways
Tax Management.
Custom Domain
Dunning Management
Open Banking
EU VAT Validation
Multi Payment Gateways
Multi-lingual Support
Custom Domain
Tax Management
Custom Domain
EU VAT Validation
Open Banking