Black Friday!

How do you know if a song is a hit?

At EVERY TURN, you find it. Be it YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or Snapchat stories, why miss the Email advertisements linking it? To the extent, you start vibing to it- Follow the Trend!

So what's Trending now, Black Friday! Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in the United States. 

Isn't it natural to wish for a holiday after a holiday; well there we witness our Trending Tall man 'Black Friday' - The very next day after Thanksgiving.

Brush with the History: While many believe the term Black Friday means“showing a profit; not showing any losses,” or the day of red to black; this isn’t true. The term Black Friday had taken root in Philadelphia when police officers describe the chaos during people began their holiday shopping in huge numbers as they dealt with traffic jams, accidents, shoplifting, and other issues, resulting in them working for 12- hours straight.

Why such hype? This day is again a holiday for many employees. Special shopping deals and big discounts are planned and spread across the day on various goods as bait to lure the shoppers into their shops. Online stores too put their best foot forward bringing in offers for mega purchases. The day begins as early as pre- dawn for many retailers as they open their shop's doors for the public to flood and grab their best offer. Making Hay while the sun shines- many even begin the sale as the month of November kicks in or some extend it to another week after Thanksgiving.

'When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do'- So when the whole world is rejoicing, why should the subscription business lag behind?It is that time of the year that if the deal is fair, people might open their wallets big time.If everyone is shopping for something, We do have something to offer!

MYFUNDBOXis a subscription billing platform in partnership with leading payment providers. It enables businesses to manage and accept subscriptions online easily and securely.We are putting forth a whopping offer of 50% off our current pricing.

Grab the once-in-a-lifetime limited offer and benefit from it!What are you waiting for? Put on your shopping hats and let's do some shopping!


Asra Anjum

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