Donor Retention Tips

Every nonprofit understands that the cost of acquiring new donors is more than the cost of keeping current donors. That’s why donor retention is so important.

Now let’s get started improving your donor retention with following useful tips

1. Give donors choices.

The ability to choose is empowering. It turns a passive decision into an active one.
When donors are able to actively choose how they want to support your mission, they’ll be more likely to return to your nonprofit.
When donors can choose how they give, they’ll feel empowered by your organization. Retaining donors is about partnering with them to accomplish your mission, not about telling them what to do.
MYFUNDBOX provides the donors to choose single or multiple causes at the same time with the user friendly and intuitive donation box UI with ease.

2. Let donors pay in their own way.

Retain more donors by letting pay how they'd like to
Offer multiple giving channels. The more giving channels you offer your donors, the more likely you’ll be to meet their preferences. Just because a donor has given from a mobile device doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t prefer to mail in a check or give through a website. Providing options increases the chances that a donor will give again.
Your donors are busy! Meet their needs by providing them with different payment options to make the giving process as painless (and as enjoyable!) as possible. MYFUNDBOX provides a flexibility to choose their desired payment option for your donors with more than 15 payment methods.

3. Show donors their impact.

When donors give to your organization, they want to see that their donations matter. Donors give to help the people, communities, and animals that they care about. If your nonprofit doesn’t provide an update on the wellbeing of your aid recipients, then your donors may feel like their gifts didn’t make an impact.
Showing impact involves updating donors when you’ve reached a milestone in your cause. It also means telling a story so that donors have a clear picture of who has been helped and why their donations matter.
Donors may have been compelled to give in the first place, but it’s your job to show them the outcome of their gifts so that they’ll feel inspired to give again (and again, and again!).
In other words, donors need you to fill in the rest of the story.
To do so, send donors a custom thank-you that recognizes their effort.
Some examples include:

  • Videos.
  • Photos.
  • Personal thank you notes.
  • Phone calls.

No matter what channel you choose to use, the main focus should be on the people you’re helping, not on your nonprofit. If possible, let the recipients of your aid speak for themselves and send their thanks to your donors.
MYFUNDBOX Fundraising CRM provides you the ability to communicate with your donors with email software that will generate automatic replies and personalize all your email communications from the very first thank you.

4. Social Media Marketing

Pick social media sites that align with your needs as an organization. For example, Facebook is an option for peer-to-peer fundraising and this is a great way to use the talents of your core donors to spread the word of your mission organically.
If your organization uses photos or videos, then Instagram or YouTube may be a great option. You can also use Twitter to make announcements, invitations, and publicly thank specific donors.
It’s easier and cheaper to retain an existing donor, rather than reaching new ones. Take care of the donors you have and show them how important they are to you. In return, they’ll continue to support your nonprofit so you can keep doing what you do – changing the world!

With these tips, you’re well on your way to an incredibly effective donor retention strategy.

MYFUNDBOX Fundraising CRM provides you a better way to manage fundraising campaigns that focus on both new donors and existing donors.

Donors are looking for a giving process that is simple and easy. In that way MYFUNDBOX Donation Box have an optimized donation process to make it convenient and uncomplicated for the donor to donate within a minute.

To know more take a look at MYFUNDBOX.

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