How Subscription Billing can be used during this Pandemic situation

subscription billing

How subscription billing can be used during this Pandemic situation

Covid-19 has completely changed the way we live, work, and communicate. As the situation worsens, people rely more and more upon subscription services to sustain their lives. Whether it is food, entertainment, or news, the demand for these services has increased. So, this seems like an ideal time to start a subscription-based business yourself. Or you could even help out a cause through donation. And to help you set up your enterprise, you can rely on a good billing platform.

This pandemic is likely to continue a long way. So, how can subscription billing platforms help in this situation? Here are two areas of focus where billing platforms can be helpful.

Starting an E-business(Electronic business)

Starting an electronic business has many advantages in this lockdown situation. We only require a computer, an internet connection, and a vision in mind. Here are two ideas on how we can set up a subscription service business from home or shop.

  • We can start doorstep delivery services for food, grocery, and healthcare items. Since these items are a basic necessity, people will turn to our services in the long run. Through "contactless" delivery, we can ensure the safety of ourselves as well as the consumer. But we must make sure that the goods we offer are well packed and reasonably priced.
  • We can set up coaching services for activities like fitness, music, salons, etc. The world may be in lockdown. But our creative pursuits should not be. Along with nutrition and healthcare, our hobbies are also essential to keep us occupied in these times. By offering membership plans at a low cost, we can acquire a lot of customers.

MYFUNDBOX is a reliable subscription billing platform that can help us set up the business we want. It has all the features that can make online payments, invoicing, customer support, etc. easy for both consumers and sellers.

Starting a Non-profit Fundraising Campaign

Due to this coronavirus pandemic, many non-profit organizations have shut down. Since they rely on funds to support their cause, their resources have become low. Therefore, we can set up a charity or donation strategy to help these groups get back on their feet. And this is where we can use billing platforms as an online donation solution. These platforms can manage your online donations very effectively as they are equipped with the latest features.

With MYFUNDBOX subscription biling , we can set up a convenient online payment platform through which people can donate to our cause. It makes crowdfunding easy with its user-friendly setup.


The coronavirus has had more negative impacts than positive ones. But we can take advantage of this situation and make use of our time and resources. In doing so, we will be helping others as well as ourselves. And with this pandemic not likely to end soon, the idea of venturing into E-commerce looks fruitful.

Billing platforms like MYFUNDBOX can help set up our own business or fundraisers through which we can sustain ourselves as well as others. We provide them with goods and services. And in return, we receive income to support ourselves. Hence, it is a win-win for both parties.

You can go check out MYFUNDBOX subscription billing for more information.

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