MYFUNDBOX & Google Cloud Partners -Benefits of GCP With Subscription Billing

MYFUNDBOX & Google Cloud Partners -Benefits of GCP With Subscription Billing


One of the most popular online billing software is MYFUNDBOX. It offers a safe and secure way to handle the subscriptions of multiple customers. Through this software, you can manage payments, recurring deposits, subscriptions and even one time payments. 

It can generate reports and invoices and keep records of your business's expenses and other financial transactions. 

There are various exciting features of MYFUNDBOX

• You can bill monthly, yearly, or you can even bill for any number of days. 

• You can also change the billing cycle as per the subscription plans and customize the billing dates according to the customers' preference. 

• In the case of MYFUNDBOX, you can process the payments with both debits and credit cards. 

• It is very strict with the security and the safety of your data. It has its way of dealing with fraudulence. 

• MYFUNDBOX is easy to access and can even be accessed from your cell phones no matter where you are. 

• MYFUNDBOX supports currencies of various countries all over the world. Thus it helps to expand the business of the client worldwide. Within seconds one can make and receive payments through MYFUNDBOX.  It is that easy! 

• The customers are offered many payment methods to choose from.

What is GCP or Google Cloud Platform?

GCP or Google Cloud Platform is a group of Cloud computing-based services. It uses the same infrastructure as that of Google. It provides support, training, marketing, sales and various technical resources that boost the growth of the business. 

It also offers revenue opportunities to the service providers as well as the sellers. There are over 13,000 partners, and the numbers are increasing gradually. 

It is one of the best online platforms for business to business SaaS or companies which are subscription-based. It is the most reasonable way to manage the financial transactions related to the business.  

GCP helps the companies manage recurring bills, the companies that offer subscription-based products and services. It helps to generate invoices for different billing frequencies and also subscription plans.

If you plan to use Google Cloud Platform or GCP, you need to create a Billing Account. This billing account will be associated with a profile of Google payments and will be used for making payment to any cloud resource that you will create.  

Google Cloud Partners -Benefits with subscription billing

• Google cloud offers better pricing in comparison to its rivals

• It has its Global fiber network.

• The performances are more advanced and improved. 

• It ensures data security.

• It helps in keeping backups and also in data recovery.

• Google Cloud Platform offers easy access to payments.

• Import and export of data from Google Cloud platforms is not a difficult task. 

• It provides visualization and synchronization of data 

• It has a graphical user interface. 

• Every transaction and performance is monitored strictly. 

• It offers virtual support if you have any queries and doubt. 

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