MYFUNDBOX Journey from MVP to High Performer Award winner!

Our Journey from MVP to High Performer Award winner!

Starting MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing as MVP in early 2021 and being awarded a High Performer in Subscription category Globally in less than a year was no less than a feat in itself but... was this just magic?

A Startup with a small but dedicated team at MYFUNDBOX convinced with the idea that subscription payments and recurring billing should be globally scalable and independent of payment gateways laid the foundation of building a Global Subscription platform.

Well technology by far helps to a certain extent but to succeed a startup should not be just customer focussed but customer obsessed to become a trailblazer.

At MYFUNDBOX we are practicing this culture and no wonder MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing was not only awarded as High Performer in 2021 but also for Best Support and Easiest to do business with categories by our customers.

We believe this is just the beginning and we intend to be a trailblazer..

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