MYFUNDBOX & Mollie Partnership

MYFUNDBOX & Mollie Partnership

MYFUNDBOX is a billing platform that is online and deals with business to business payments. Payments can be made yearly or monthly or at any given time of your convenience depending on the number of days.

MYFUNDBOX provides you with some unique options like creating a billing cycle of your choice where billing dates can be customized. The starting range of MYFUNDBOX is $99.99 per month. It is a preferred platform for many countries all over the world like Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, America and so on. 

MYFUNDBOX has several features that made it a popular platform worldwide in terms of online payment. 

  • It deals with online payment transactions, so it is very stringent with data security. It has the ability to adopt every measure to check fraudulence. 
  • MYFUNDBOX can process payments made through both Credit and Debit cards. 
  • You can even make your payments or payment related transactions from your smart phones. 
  • It is an online platform and so you have the option to make the payment online. 
  • Payments are processed within very less time and without any hassle. 

What is Mollie?

Mollie is one of the best European platforms for online payment. The transactions made through Mollie takes less time. There are no hidden charges or minimum costs. You need to pay for only the successful transactions. All the features of Mollie are easily accessible with no complications. The setup is quite easy and you can also cancel it at any point of time. 

Features of Mollie 

  • Mollie provides you with an option to get personal advice from their account manager who is just a phone call away. 
  • It is one of the best online payment platforms considering the industry standard. It has been created by the best developers. 
  • You need to pay a minimum fee for only those transactions which are successful. 
  • The customers have the option to start or end the contract at any point of time. 
  • Mollie provides extended partnership to give online payment a better future.
  • Mollie offers a concept of localized payments where even an international customer gets a local experience- it is so convenient and easy!
  • The customer can use their own currency to make the payment.
  • With the help of only one contract one can access all types of major payments. 
  • It has a latest fraud monitoring system to secure all the financial transactions. 
  • The entire method of payment is very simple. 
  • One can create a payment plan as per his business requirement
  • It is accessible from mobile phones 
  • Refunds are easily processed 
  • You can maintain the track of every transaction on the dashboard.
  • You can easily transfer the payment details to your accounting software for your record.
  • Any issue that you face will be resolved by the technical support team who are available 24*7
  • There is transparency in every transaction 

The partnership between MYFUNDBOX and Mollie ensures a reliable, safe and easy to maintain online payment platform in every business transaction.  

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