“MYFUNDBOX Payment Partner With GoCardless”


MYFUNDBOX is an online billing platform, be it recurring or one time, for subscription-based SaaS businesses. With the help of MYFUNDBOX, you can bill at any period like monthly, yearly or even based on days.

You even have the preference to create your billing cycle that will be based on the customer’s subscription date. You can even provide each customer with billing dates that are customized. Though they do not offer any free version, they offer a free trial.

MYFUNDBOX is available from the starting range of $99.99 every month and is perfect for countries like UK, Austria, Germany, the US, Australia, etc.

Features of MYFUNDBOX

There are various attractive features of MYFUNDBOX that made it famous.

  • It has the option of Automated Clearinghouse processing.
  • You can rest assured about data security.
  • Payment can be processed through both Debit and Credit card.
  • You can make payments from your cell phones.
  • There are various payment options.
  • You have the option to make online payments
  • There are measures to prevent fraudulence.
  • Easy processing of payments
  • There are options for both subscription and also recurring billing.

What is GoCardless?

GoCardless is an online payment platform. A regular customer can use this platform and make payments by Direct Debit, a trusted payment method. You can manage the complete collection process with GoCardless. A subscriber of GoCardless can add banking information and make easy payments.

In GoCardless, you can rest assured that your data is safe as it uses encryption that is of military-grade. The other interesting fact is that FCA or Financial Conduct Authority also regulates GoCardless.

It charges just an amount of 4 pounds. There are no hidden charges, and neither have they charged any setup fee. It offers transparency in the payment process.

Features of GoCardless

  • Through GoCardless, one can make transactions like invoice payments, collect various other expenses, and ad-hoc payments.
  • You can manage the recurring fees and also the subscriptions.
  • It integrates with platforms based on accounting and invoicing.
  • No matter what the country is, it can control the payments in any currency and settle them according to yours.

MYFUNDBOX & GoCardless Partners

The customers can make payments without any efforts because of the partnership between MYFUNDBOX and GoCardless. There are various benefits that the customers can avail themselves of as this partnership took the payment method to a different level.

With the help of cloud computing, the partnership can make the necessary changes as per the needs and requirements of the customers.

The organizations can focus on their work. Because of this partnership, they don’t have to deal with the pains of making or collecting payments anymore.

You can analyze the experiments that influence your revenue based on retention and growth with the help of real-time analytics. During 2022 Being MYFUNDBOX & GoCardless partnership results in happy customers. It is because of transparent payment methods that are hard to use and are pretty easy to understand.

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