The fast track to recurring revenue

Operating on a subscription-based model is proven to help startups go to market faster and enjoy greater flexibility. For all smaller businesses, it’s also a way to acquire repeat customers, add new revenue streams, and grow market share. However, because recurring payments require a different approach to billing than one-time purchases, launching this type of business isn’t always as simple as deciding to do it.

Some businesses look to a homegrown system to handle recurring billing needs. Unfortunately, this approach can be slow to roll out, difficult to scale, and expensive to maintain. A faster, easier option, Stripe Billing, is now available through Stripe’s partnership with MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing.

MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing is a flexible solution that supports complex billing logic and lets businesses start accepting recurring payments in minutes, so they can go to market faster.

  • Collect payments from existing customers or share a payment link to sell a subscription or service—no need to write any code.
  • Use prebuilt, #paymentpages to make it fast and easy for customers to subscribe and manage their subscriptions and billing details.
  • Easily test different pricing models—flat rate, metered, tiered, and more—as well as free trials and discounts.

MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing is also partnered with Stripe’s payments platform, so you can offer a seamless billing experience that improves customer satisfaction and provides unified reporting on your payments—while using automated tools to minimize churn, a problem that has plagued 30% of software businesses in recent years.

To learn more about how MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing and Stripe can help your business manage recurring payments, visit here . We look forward to taking the next step with you.

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