Tips For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Around 70% of crowdfunding campaigns fail to reach their target. And the biggest cause of those failures is lack of preparation. So you need to do your research before you launch the campaign, because once you’ve hit the launch button it’s too late to make improvements or compensate for your lack of preparation.Successful campaigns require passion, a clear vision and a strategic plan that can be executed. You’ll get the most activity at the beginning and end of your campaigns, but you need to be working for your goals throughout.Here are the Few Tips For A Successful Crowdfunding CampaignFind Your Crowd Crowdfunding does not work without a crowd. You need to know who is interested in your product and start collecting them in a virtual room (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) Your crowd should also include as many influencers that you can get such as bloggers, journalists, celebrities – anyone with a highly engaged following.Map out your plan of action. While it’s tempting launch your campaign as quickly as possible, the best approach is to take some time and prepare a fundraising plan

  •  Determine your fundraising goal and set a realistic deadline. Your goal should account for any platform or payment processing fees that most crowdfunding websites charge.MYFUNDBOX Crowdfunding Platform is simple to use and affordable pricing structure when compare to other crowdfunding platforms. 
  • Assemble materials for your crowdfunding page. Choose elements (images, videos, stories, etc) that will clarify your story, evoke emotions, and help donors connect to your cause
  • Make a list of people you plan to ask for donations and how you’ll reach out to them. This list can include people you know as well as influential leaders, local business owners, and other community members.
  • How donors’ contributions impact beneficiaries. To truly connect to your cause, donors will want to know how their support will affect those in need. Instead of fully explaining this with words, use images and videos to quickly get your message across.

MYFUNDBOX user interface allows the fundraiser to layout their story, images in user Friendly way.Social Media Social media is the most common way to share crowdfunding campaigns—and with good reason! On social media outlets, you can reach out to your connections and new supporters. Plus, the ability to link to your campaign makes it easy for donors to find your page and contribute. Even if you’ve never heard the term crowdfunding, you’ve probably come across an example of it on social media.Thank your donors repeatedly The last thing you can do to raise money fast? Thank your donors and acknowledge them often. Don’t wait until the end of your campaign to complete this step. Instead, you should thank donors within 1-3 days after they contribute.Showing your appreciation can help speed up your fundraising because it shows donors that you’re grateful for the support and that you care about the person behind the donation, not just the money. When donors see how grateful you can be, they’re more likely to continue to support your cause by sharing your page with their friends and family members or making additional contributions.Figure out your end goal, and start your research. Find a platform that will suit you and your desires, and then go all in. Don’t split up your efforts between platforms, because that will only confuse people. Focus on that one platform and that one goal, and tell everyone about it, until you raise your fund.MYFUNDBOX crowdfunding platform manage all the collections and give you a central location to share your ideas and the materials that explain what you’re trying to accomplish.

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