Turning one-time payments into recurring revenue

Adopting a subscription-based model is a proven way for #ecommercebusinesses to capture more repeat business, add new #revenuestreams, and grow their market share.

The benefits are so clear that, by 2023, 75% of direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands are expected to switch to a subscription model.2 However, making the switch to selling subscriptions isn’t always as simple as deciding to do it. That’s because subscription sales require a different approach to billing than one-time purchases and payments.

It’s a natural impulse for businesses—especially #startups and #SMBs that are used to doing things in-house—to build their own systems to handle #recurringbilling needs. Unfortunately, this approach can be slow to roll out, difficult to scale, and expensive to maintain. Instead, consider a faster, easier option: MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing, now available through Stripe’s partnership.

MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing Billing is a flexible, #scalablesolution that supports complex billing logic and lets small ecommerce businesses start accepting recurring payments in minutes, so they can go to market faster. Benefits include:

  • Collect payments from existing customers or share a payment link to sell a subscription—no need to write any code.
  • Use prebuilt, MYFUNDBOX payment pages to make it fast and easy for customers to subscribe and manage their subscriptions and billing details.
  • Easily test different pricing models— as free trials and discounts.

MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing is also integrated with Stripe’s payments solution, so you can offer a seamless billing experience that improves customer satisfaction and provides #unifiedreporting on all your payments—while reducing churn by automating retries on failed payments.

To learn more about how MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing and Stripe can help you launch your subscription business, visit partner page or connect with us through live chat here. We look forward to taking the next step with you.

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