Why MYFUNDBOX Online Payments Is Right For You

Why MYFUNDBOX Online Payments Is Right For You

MYFUNDBOX allows your business to accept, process, and disburse payments securely on the cloud. With MYFUNDBOX, you have access to all payment modes, including Stripe,Amazon Pay and Google Pay.

The most crucial quality of a payments solution is the ability to scale itself to meet your growing demands. At MYFUNDBOX, we are devoted to making sure you have the best payments infrastructure in place.

Easily Add Payments To Your Website Or App.

MYFUNDBOX Payment Gateway supports the most extensive set of payment modes which includes more than 16 payment option's which include's Stripe(Giropay, Ideal, cardcollection, sofort, EPS, Bancontact,P24 ,SEPA), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay,Paypal etc to provides a hassle-free environment for collecting payment gateway easily and securely.
MYFUNDBOX has easy setup, intuitive interface by which your business will go live in a matter of hours especially with our dev-friendly Payment Gateway.

Solutions And Services To Support Your Business To Take Next Level.

How would you reduce periodic collection cost, increase monthly recurring revenue, reduce churn, and offer better user experience to your customers, all at the same time?
With a subscriptions model, of course!
Offer your customers plans with automated recurring transactions on many payment modes.
With MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions, you can onboard subscribers from all around the world! Subscriptions also supports multiple billing models. Which means –

  1. You can automate your fixed price recurring charges to your customer around a fixed schedule

2. You have the flexibility to charge your customer based on number of users or quantity per billing cycle
3. You can charge your customer only for what they consume in a billing cycle

Focus On Specific Areas Of Your Business Based On Data And Insights .

Decision making is a crucial aspect of any business. And, data plays a huge role in this process since it enables you to form business contingency, as you can predict future trends and optimize your current efforts.
MYFUNDBOX dashboard is the most comprehensive, data-driven, and an analytical dashboard that serves your purpose.
The dashboard helps you evaluate real-time data and draw insights from the extensive reports, so you make better and informed business decisions.

Provides Customers With The Best Support.

As your business grows to see new heights, you are definitely in need of highly responsive customer service. What good is a product if the customer support is slouchy?

Your Customer's Problems Are Our Problems.

Your customers spend less time on hold and have their problems solved at lightning speed with our customer support.
Our Customer Support offers live support for you and your customers. And, by that, we mean real people and not bots.
Above-mentioned benefits are just a few of an array of advantages that installing a Subscription Management System can offer you and thereby help you in handling your business more effectively and efficiently.

Interested in exploring more options, contact MYFUNDBOX.

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