About us

We want to make finances fun and fast. Less ledgers. More speed.

We were tired of complex spreadsheets, no visibility and high fees every time we made a transaction. So we created a better way to send, receive and manage money, with Milestone.
We are on a MISSION

Are you working hard to earn every paycheck.. and then making financial mistakes and losing money in fees and poor exchange rates?

We were too. So many businesses just accepted the ridiculous fees that banks and platforms imposed, because there was no alternative.
Not anymore. We built Milestone to make the end-to-end financial management easy for small businesses.

What makes us different?

Substitutes manual management with automation

MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing smartly substitutes all your manual management of payments, subscription, reports etc.,
Building features that actually make a difference
Letting employees take active ownership over their work
No burn-out from back-breaking work

One Time and Recurring Payments

MYFUNDBOX automates all your recurring and one-time payments and also generates invoices for each of them.

An Easy way to send

Payment Link can be easily created and – Send Links to your customers for them to pay.

Handle Failed payments smartly

Don't lose customers to involuntary failed payments. Automate card retries to maximize your revenue.

Secure and reliable

We and our payment partners take security very seriously and ensure security standards are fulfilled.
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We are backed by top investors

Our investors have backed over 120 leading businesses across multiple industries and helped them scale.

We are a remote team with a love for numbers.

Founder & CEO
Jonathon Marics
Content Strategy
Cody Fisher
Chief Product Officer
Wade Warren
Director of Engineering
Jenny Wilson
Director of Brand
Bessie Cooper
Product Designer
Marvin McKinney

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Multi Payment Gateways
Tax Management.
Custom Domain
Dunning Management
Open Banking
EU VAT Validation
Multi Payment Gateways
Multi-lingual Support
Custom Domain
Tax Management
Custom Domain
EU VAT Validation
Open Banking